Man buys DVD player, perhaps new, and gets racy surprise
Posted by on March 01 2012

Travis Lively got a sneak "Attack" on Valentine's Day weekend.

He and girlfriend Larissa Ritter were enjoying their first Valentine's together Saturday night with dinner at La Scala and a romantic evening at home watching movies.

Lively needed a new DVD player, so a quick trip to Walmart off Indiana 26 East scored him a Magnavox machine for about $30. When he opened up his new player, a surprise was waiting in the DVD tray.

"Black Crack Attack #2."

"It's not something you expect," laughed Lively, 29, who lives in Lafayette.

A DVR copy of the adult video had the title scrawled in blue Sharpie along with six x's. Lively watched it for "a few seconds" to see what he inherited from his purchase. It was hardcore porn.

Lively, who hosts karaoke nights and is studying video production and communication at Ivy Tech, finds the situation humorous. But the idea of a bootlegged porno hiding in a new DVD player could be a major concern for a family with young children.

"What if someone's kid bought that?" Lively asked.

Attempts to reach Walmart for an explanation as to how this happened were unsuccessful.

Requests at the Indiana 26 Walmart were deflected to a corporate hotline and media relations website. There was no response at press time.

Lively has a few theories on what happened. Since the box was sealed and there was no indication that it was previously purchased, the disc could have been inserted by a mischievous Magnavox employee before the machine came to Lafayette.

Theory number two was that the player was a returned item and the previous owner left his or her favorite porn in the player. Though the machine was with other new players, a clue that it could have been previously owned was that two Fuji batteries were in the remote, despite "no batteries included" emblazoned on the box.

"Black Crack Attack #2" or any other disc of its ilk is not Lively's style, but the unexpected passenger in his new DVD player helped make an already memorable Valentine's celebration one he probably won't forget.

"See what you get free with your purchase from Walmart?" Lively quipped.


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