Are you a member of the exclusive "Mile High Club"? Would you like to join? Well here's your chance.

Flamingo Air, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, helps horny couples join the club in the back of his small Poper Cherokee airplane.

The pilot, Dave MacDonald, is the only "discreet" pilot in the country that offers couples the chance to fly high and fulfill their fantasy.

Since the plane is so small, a thin curtain separates the couples from "getting their freak on" and the cockpit.

"Thank God we wear headsets," MacDonald told WCPO-TV in Cincinnati.

"What goes on behind the curtain is no concern of ours. It is a matter of professionalism, our customers expect that. If I ever wrote a book it would be great," he added.

MacDonald started the company with his wife and discretion is one of their main selling points. He did share some salacious details with WCPO-TV, "I have had a high heel in my ear once, been shot in the back of the head with a champagne cork."

Along with discretion, Flamingo Air offers a cushioned love seat, champagne and chocolates, all for $425 an hour.

Would you fly Flamingo Air to join the "Mile High Club"?