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Name: The Malibooz
Appearance Date: 2/21/2020
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Stay Or Go: The Malibooz


John Zambetti and Walter Egan are celebrating over fifty years of making music together as The Malibooz. Formed in the "surf mecca" of New York City, The Malibooz proved to be a major attraction on the Eastern seaboard from 1964-66. They released an EP in 1964 and the single "Goin' To Malibu" in 1965. This led to appearances at The New York State World's Fair. First, at the New York State Pavilion and then as part of the first color TV broadcast live from the RCA Pavilion.

In college they continued on as Sageworth and then played on each other's solo efforts.

The Walter Egan Band was signed to Columbia for five albums and then to MCA. Walter's first two albums, "Fundamental Roll" and "Not Shy" were produced by Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. "Not Shy" produced the million selling hit "Magnet & Steel" which was the American Music Awards nominee for Song of the Year in 1978. In 1998 "Magnet & Steel" appeared in the Golden Globe and Academy Award winning movie, "Boogie Nights".

In 1981 Rhino Records signed The Malibooz for a reunion album "Malibooz Rule!". This yielded the single "Hot Summer Nights" which appeared in the movie "California Girls". The video for "Hot Summer Nights" was filmed around Zambetti's guitar-shaped pool and was one of the first videos aired on MTV.

Since then the band has recorded 5 more albums and had over 30 songs in TV and Film, including a featuring performance in the Bruce Brown produced surf classic "STEP INTO LIQUID" . They currently sell CDs in over 25 countries.

2010 heralded the release of "Queens' English" The Malibooz' first CD of new music in 8 years. The current Malibooz' lineup is John Zambetti, Walter Egan, Scott Monahan, David Chamberlain and John Daren Thomas. This time out the boys pay tribute to the '60's British Invasion with 14 new tunes in that genre featuring a dozen original British Invasion Icon guest artists including; Spencer Davis, The Hollies' Tony Hicks, Chad & Jeremy, Rolling Stones' producer Andrew Loog Oldham and The Quarrymen.

The Malibooz' "Queens' English" album hit #1 on the CDBaby British Invasion chart! Their next album, "QE2" will be out in the Spring of 2020.

Band Members:
John Zambetti - vocals, guitar
Walter Egan - vocals, guitar
Scott Monahan - backing vocals, keys
David Chamberlain - bass
John Daren Thomas - drum

Facebook: /Malibooz
Twitter: @Malibooz

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