Easter Bunny arrives by ambulance and toddlers get knocked over during Easthampton egg hunt
Posted by massive.com on April 06 2012

Organizers of the annual Easter egg hunt in Easthampton are considering canceling the event next year.

The hunt, which is organized by theEasthampton Community Center, had some major problems this year including two toddlers being knocked over by older children, parents invading the field and illegally parked cars preventing the Easter Bunny from arriving safely, according to aFacebook posting on the center's page this morning.

Easthampton police said they have not had major problems with the hunt.

However, organizers posted a message saying parents were rude and used swear words when asked to get off the field and control their older children, little ones were knocked over and the bunny, who usually arrives in a fire truck, had to be brought in an ambulance instead.

"When I asked parents to step back and get off the fields, I was told in very graphic details what I could do," the Facebook message, purportedly written by an event organizer, states.

Event organizers could not immediately be reached for comment, but the statement on the community center's Facebook page thanked the town's police and fire departments for getting the bunny to the event on time.

The annual hunt includes 18,000 eggs and is meant for children, though parents of children age four and younger are permitted to join their children on the field.

"We are always concerned most that the children have fun and that they are safe. ... We will be considering whether or not the Egg Hunt will continue next year," the post states.

A similar event in Colorado was canceled after "aggressive parents" swarmed the field where the eggs were hidden.


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