Man plants marijuana on church property, claims misunderstanding
Posted by on September 14 2012
Yes, I was growing pot on church property...and, no, I'm not a bad guy.

That's the message 28-year-old Jason Como shared withCBS Pittsburgh, while admitting that the marijuana seeds he planted on land belonging to the Beloved Disciple Catholic Church were for "personal use, 100 percent."

Someone at the church contacted police over the weekend after spotting the plants.

Como told CBS Pittsburgh that he put some marijuana seeds in a couple of pots and plopped them down in the weeds behind his backyard. But he says he had no idea that the property belonged to the church.

Just the same, he's charged with manufacturing and cultivating a controlled substance, and he's upset that people might think he intentionally planted it on church property.

"I didn't even see the church," Como says. "I just figured this was one of my neighbor's fields, or just a field. I don't know."

Como told CBS Pittsburgh he's a Christian and would never have planted the pot where he did, had he known the property belonged to the church.

He added, "I just dont want people thinkin'  I'm against churches, ya know, 'cause I'm definitely not. I'm Christian...I go to church every Sunday."


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