Walgreens Is Now Selling Artificial Vaginas
Posted by yahoo.com on March 22 2012
walgreens_fake_vagina Walgreens.com

Oh how I wish I was just making this up to give you some laughs today, but alas, I am just not that creative.  I couldn’t fake this story if I had to!  MSN made a fantastic find on Walgreens website about a new item being carried by the drug-store.  I like shopping at Walgreens, I can pretty much get anything there, from a 12 pack of cokes to a quick bite to eat to fake vaginas.  Walgreens must be trying to appeal to the “lonely male losers” with these fake flesh objects of sin.

I guess the best part is, if masturbating really does make you go blind, you can buy the drugs for that at the same place you bought your fake vagina.  Do you get hairy palms from masturbating?  Well, they’ve got the wax for that there too!

Moving on, the Tenga Flip Hole for male masturbation is being sold exclusively on Walgreens website for a mere $77 and some change.  Added bonus, FREE SHIPPING!  That’s right you desperate, chronic masturbating machines out there!  It’s cheaper then a date, you don’t have to make conversation with it, and it ships for free!  For all the white guys out there that dream of making whoopie with a black girl, well guess what, it comes in black!

Smash or pass?  You decide!

Get the full story here at MSN and buy the dirty hole here at Walgreens website.
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