Jersey Shore

As though one “Jersey Shore” wasn't enough, there's a new show with Asian-Americans in the works. Being Asian-American myself, I should be excited about this right? Finally getting some Asian representation on TV! Uh... not so much. I never watched “Jersey Shore” before so I wanted to do my homework and get some background info on the show before I blogged about this new version that's being worked on. I see why people enjoy watching this stuff so much though. It's funny to watch dumb people. I can honestly say, “Jersey Shore” is the trashiest and most superficial show I've ever watched.

I mean they got dudes who wear lip gloss and fake tans. What the fuck is that about? For real? They're all sexxed up, superficial and all about their physical appearance. All they are trying to do is bang everything in sight. I only watched a few episodes and could no longer bear to watch Snooki and The Situation stirring up a storm in the Jersey Shore house. Really, really trashy they are.

So would I be happy to have some Asian-American representation on TV? Of course but not like this. I don't want the public to think of Asians like they think about these so-called “guidos” in “Jersey Shore.” I'm better than that and there are other roles that Asian-Americans and pick up which would be beneficial to the public image than being trashy, tipsy party people.

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Posted by Listener Peter on 10/19/2010 at 8:28 AM - PERMALINK | ADD YOUR COMMENT | EMAIL | PRINT | RSS  Subscribe
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