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Appearance Date: 2/19/2021
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Sorry It's Over is a pop/alt-rock band that was established by Sam Adgate and Louis Petrella. They have scored over 200,000 plays on Spotify and their fan base is growing fast.

They trace their roots all the way back to a garage in Encinitas, California, inside a twelve-by-twelve square-foot box transformed into a DIY studio where the band's music and art are crafted. They dub themselves as a couple of local SoCal boys that are just trying to have a good time. And that feeling definitely gets through to their music.

This young rock band utilizes an eclectic mix of classic rock and modern rock. Paired with their fantastic songwriting, Sorry It's Over is definitely going places. The band has natural originality that shines through whenever they write songs together. In the near future, they wish to tour around the world and continue making fantastic music that inspires the younger generation and beyond.

Sam and Louis were originally bandmates in high school. After moving to Santa Barbara together for a few years, they headed home and decided to take the jump and start making some original music together. They've been cooking up new stuff on their latest project since April of 2019. The two have been meeting up almost every day to work.

The constant collaboration of Louis's immense knowledge of production and Sam's lyrical ability have proved to be a great tool in creating their distinct sound that incorporates Classic Rock and Roll with a new age twist.

Within a few months into their brand-new project and a few demos under their belt, they soon got hooked up with Geza X, the famed punk rock producer of Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, and The Germs. He is most widely known for the Meredith Brooks hit, "Bitch." Geza has been collaborating with Sorry It's Over, and has now signed them to his label Geza X Records.

Currently, they have 4 singles out on all major streaming platforms. " Sunflower", " Ghost Inside", " Am I Better " & " Is it Cool?" which has a free download available at Their 5th single " Where'd My mInd Go " is coming out Feb 12.2021 Band Members:
Sam - rhythm guitar and vocals
Louis - sings back up vocals, lead guitar & all other instruments and produces

Instagram: @sorryitsoverband
Facebook: /sorryitsoverband

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