J.J. Alemany
Appearance Date: 1/15/2021
The Magic Pill
Recall The Clowns And Jackasses
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J.J. Alemany is Drummer-Singer-Songwriter-Producer-Filmmaker-Light Facilitator based in Los Angeles and was born and raised in Mayaguez ,Puerto Rico after playing in a few bands and having local radio and tv exposure decided to move to the US... after 7 years went to Europe and performed with different artists in Europe,Scandinavia, Australia ... in 2005 J.J. finished his 1st solo CD.. Psycho Bitch ... After traveling all over he came back to L.A. in 2011 for the making of his 1st feature film..The Drum Teacher which was completed in 2012.. he also released an EP for The Soundtrack... the film was shot in Hawaii,L.A. and at Skywalker Sound while recording /filming the songs for the film.. Also in 2012 J.J. made a short film called Active Meditation.. about the common denominator between drumming and skiing.. the film was made for the 72 Hour Filmmakers Competition in Whistler BC, Canada for great reviews.. Recall The Clowns and Jackasses is J.J.'s latest indie release..which started during Covid 19.. with Stu Hamm on Bass(Steve Vai, Joe Satriani..) Joshua Ray Gooch on Guitar (Shania Twain..) Mattias IA Eklundh on Guitar (from Swedish band Freak Kitchen and signed as solo artist on Steve Vai's label..) and J.J. Alemany on drums, all vocals, produced and excecutive produced. Mike Fraser(AC/DC,Aerosmith,Van Halen,Metallica,Rush,Guns n Roses) mixed the 1st single Recall The Clowns and Jackasses and Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More,Rob Halford,Yngwie Malmsteen..) mastered the song.... The Song will be release with a video clip on youtube this coming Sunday the 17th of January 2021...

Facebook: /JJAlemany
Instagram: @jjalemany
Twitter: @gallo9
YouTube: J.J. Alemany
TikTok: jjalemany1
Website: www.jjalemany.com

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